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LandlordBC is pleased to offer you access to a unique program that provides landlords and tenants in BC additional options for dispute resolution. The program is called Mediate First™ and it creates an environment where landlords and tenants can resolve disputes. The program’s main aim is to help resolve issues quickly and collaboratively, and to save all parties the stress and costs of formal arbitration. Mediate First™ is one of the three affiliated programs provided by LandlordBC and is offered in association with independent mediators.

What is mediation? Mediation is a process where two parties get assistance in settling a dispute from a neutral third party. The mediator speaks with the two disputing parties, either independently or together, to try to arrive at a mutually agreed on solution.

Why Mediate FirstTM? Mediate First™ makes it easy for landlords to initiate communication with their tenants. Initiating communication can lead to a successful resolution without mediation. Should mediation be required, a mediator will speak to both the landlord and tenant and try to settle the issue.

How it works

1. Invite your tenant to mediation by providing them a copy of the Offer to Mediate document. The letter can be customized to include names and contact information of both parties.

2. Wait for the tenant to confirm.

3. Fill out the Request to Mediate form with details about the dispute and availability, form located below.

4. The mediator will contact you and the tenant within 48 hours to confirm mediation time or work to achieve a settlement by speaking to both parties individually.

5. If service is provided by the mediator in communication with both parties, LandlordBC will bill you directly on behalf of the mediator. Mediation is a low-cost process:

A. Free to offer mediation – Making the offer to your tenant is often enough for settlement and since there’s no mediator involved at this point, there’s no cost to you.
B. $72.00 + GST if the mediator communicates with both parties independently by phone and attempts to settle the matter (Shuttle mediation.)
C. $155.00 + GST if the mediator conducts a telephone conference mediation with both parties present.

6. At the end of the mediation, if an agreement is reached the mediator will provide a memorandum of understanding, that could be converted into an agreement should the parties decide to do so.



Request to Mediate - Landlords Only

Only to be filled out by Landlords requesting mediation. Landlords must have a completed and signed offer to mediate form. Requests for mediation will be forwarded to one of our mediators.
  • To begin the mediation process you must first obtain consent from your tenant. Please upload your completed and signed offer to mediate form.