Do you own or manage a rental property in BC? We're here to help.

We support owners and managers of rental housing, from individuals to organizations. Whether you own a single basement suite or manage a dozen apartment buildings, we’re here to make your job easier.

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Answer questions

Call our Help Line Monday to Friday, and our industry professionals and experts will answer all of your questions.

Streamline operations

Make your day-to-day operations easier, from proprietary tenancy forms to preferred industry service providers.

Save money

Save money on everyday expenses with our preferred partnerships and pricing, from utilities to insurance.

Up your reputation

Heighten your reputation and attract the right tenants with our quality assurance standards and programs.

Be in the know

Stay informed when it comes to your rights and responsibilities and the latest changes in the industry.

Get your voice heard

With respected government and media relationships, we’ll represent your voice within the rental housing industry.

Get listed on the LandlordBC Landlord Registry.

An accreditation for landlords province-wide, the LandlordBC Landlord Registry adds credibility to your name and your properties. Enrol, take the Residential Tenancy Act (RTA) focused e-learning program, get your I Rent It RightTM certificate, and make your property a renter’s first choice.

Latest News

LandlordBC provides great support to owners and managers of residential rental property through their forms, webinars and phone support. However, with the many challenges facing rental owners, the really important piece is the advocacy work. CEO David Hutniak has established himself as the voice of landlords in BC with the government, media, renter groups and other stakeholders that call upon him for input as they consider changes that affect owners and renters. We at Brightside Community Homes Foundation realize how important it is to support LandlordBC in their efforts to advance the interests of the rental housing industry in BC.

Jan Robinson

Executive Director | Vancouver B.C.

"LandlordBC have been very helpful for us in navigating through Landlord Tenancy problems. When you feel like you have nowhere to turn; to get help and advice, there is always someone there willing to walk you through the process. It's good to know you're not in this alone.
Thanks for all your help."


Property Owner | Kamloops B.C.

"We find LandlordBC's help line one of the most valuable tools available to us. I am a broker/owner and past President of the Victoria Real Estate Board and I have a very good understanding of the real estate sales side. On the property management side there are far more issues with 1/2 the tools. Again, we appreciate all the advice you give us."

Chris Markham

Property Manager | Victoria B.C.

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