It is our mission to support and empower owners and managers of rental housing. We will go to bat for you, but before we do, we need to know that you fully understand and abide by our Code of Ethics.

  • Members shall abide by the Constitution, By-Laws and Policies of the Association.
  • Members shall aim to provide accommodation in which due regard has been given to the comfort, convenience, safety and privacy of the tenants and to the amenity of common areas.
  • Members shall be guided by the concept of mutual respect between landlord and tenant and act in a manner that merits respect in dealing with any complaints, concerns or problems brought to their attention.
  • Members shall consider the effect of their actions on the public attitude to the rental industry as a whole and endeavour to maintain cordial relations with their tenants.
  • Members shall co-operate with the association in providing an exchange of information for the benefit of good landlord and tenant relations.
  • Members shall endeavour to be aware of and comply with relevant municipal, provinical, and federal legislation pertaining to residential rental buildings and tenancies.
  • Members shall be guided by the ‘Residential Tenancy Act’.