Advocacy Is Job One!

LandlordBC’s mandate is to support a balanced and healthy rental housing market with an emphasis on private sector solutions. The rental housing industry contributes over $10.6 billion to the BC economy, which is greater than forestry and mining combined.  It is critical that we have public policy that is supportive of our industry so that we can continue to deliver safe, secure, sustainable rental housing to British Columbians

Advocacy is job one! We take great pride in the fact that the LandlordBC brand is synonymous with professionalism and integrity, and that we have gained the confidence of governments and other stakeholders as they consistently and increasingly look to LandlordBC for guidance and leadership.  With leadership comes responsibility, and that is why LandlordBC is committed to maintaining a proactive and positive advocacy role with government, media, and stakeholders as we work to promote and conserve the interests and rights of professional and responsible owners and managers of rental housing.

To say rental housing is a “hot-button” issue would be an understatement.  Consequently, the scope of our advocacy efforts is significant and growing.  Some of the key areas where we’re successfully advancing our industry’s interests include:

  • Cannabis legalization – LandlordBC has collaborated with the BC Cannabis Secretariat to ensure that the cultivation and consumption of cannabis is restricted in all forms of rental housing
  • Residential Tenancy Act (RTA) – LandlordBC has collaborated with the Minister of Housing to effect positive legislative changes for tenants and landlords alike, and continues to work with the Minister on further policy change and the improvement of service delivery at RTB for timely access to justice.
  • Budget 2018 – LandlordBC ensured that purpose-built rental (PBR) housing was exempt from new school taxes announced in the Budget.  We continue to press the Government for PBR exemptions for Property Transfer Taxes, and an exemption from the new speculation tax and school taxes on bare land and land assemblies specifically designated for PBR
  • Privacy Commissioner – LandlordBC is actively seeking reconsideration of recent recommendations advanced by the Acting Privacy Commissioner in his March 22, 2018 report pertaining to tenant screening
  • New Purpose-Built Rental – LandlordBC is a vocal advocate for incentives from all levels of government for the building of affordable market PBR housing.  We are a fixture at public hearings throughout Metro Vancouver and investing significant resources to help civic politicians and planning staff understand the huge barriers to building more PBR
  • Pets in rentals – LandlordBC remains steadfast in defending the right of landlords to determine whether or not the rental homes they provide are pet-friendly or not.
  • Landlord Registry™ from LandlordBC –  Enrollment in the Landlord Registry™ is the single most important step a landlord can do to mitigate their risk and achieve credibility in the rental market.  We continue to invest in this important program (translated to Punjabi and Mandarin in the next few months will be completed) and are working to secure Government support to broaden its reach

LandlordBC In The News

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David Hutniak, CEO of Landlord B.C., said the majority of landlords respect the privacy of tenants and in cases where they don’t, it’s not malicious, but due to a lack of information. CBC News (March 22, 2018)

LandlordBC believes that collection of private data by landlords is due to a knowledge gap and not malicious in nature. The vast majority of landlords are responsible landlords—just like the vast majority of tenants are responsible tenants. CTV (March 22, 2018)

LandlordBC believes that landlords should be permitted to request a “soft credit report” tailored to their needs. Victoria Times Colonist (March 22, 2018)

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Landlord BC believes there’s a ‘knowledge gap’ specific to the Residential Tenancy Act & the Privacy Act, not a malicious violation of the Personal Information Protection Act. News1130 (March 22, 2018)

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LandlordBC says privacy commissioners report on tenants’ privacy is “outdated”. CKNW The Simi Sara Show with Michael Smyth (March 22, 2018)

LandlordBC CEO, David Hutniak, asserts that if done correctly, credit checks don’t affect a person’s credit rating & provide landlords with highly credible information succinctly summarized. The Globe & Mail (March 22, 2018)

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CEO David Hutniak spoke to CBC’s Anita Bathe about the Angus Reid pet survey and agrees with over 60% of Canadians who say landlords should not be forced to accept pets in their buildings (Starts at 38 seconds). CBC Vancouver News at 6pm (March 29, 2018)

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