BC Building Code Accessibility Handbook 2020 – Now Available

Creating accessible homes is an important part of the BC Building Code as it ensures that buildings are designed in a way that allows all people to not only enter and exit but also move safely throughout.

The Building Accessibility Handbook 2020 is now available and reflects the British Columbia Building Code 2018 accessibility requirements. The 2020 handbook includes new illustrations and explanatory text to support users in applying the BC Building Code 2018 requirements to make buildings more accessible.

The 2020 handbook is designed to support BC Building Code users to create more accessible buildings. Some key changes include:

  • A refreshed title to reflect the intention of the handbook, which is to support universal design and access to and throughout buildings.
  • Incorporating the British Columbia Building Code 2018 accessibility design requirements as well as intent statements and attributions to provide the reasons for requirements and support Code application.
  • Renewed commentary, to increase clarity and readability, and illustrations, to represent diverse building occupants; and
  • Links to leading standards, programs, and resources to provide additional accessibility guidance.

These changes and updates were made in consultation with accessibility partners, industry experts, and homeowners.

The 2018 British Columbia Building Code is based substantially on the 2015 National Building Code and the handbook is a separate resource that provides explanatory text and illustrations to support Code users. It is important to note the handbook is not a design guide or a training manual. It does not replace the need for formal Code education or qualified individuals trained on accessible building systems and design. For more information on BC Building code please visit the government website.


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