Did You Know That Switching to a Heat Pump is Good For Your Wallet and the Planet?

Switching to an electric heat pump provides year-round comfort, better indoor air quality, and produces 97% less greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas or oil heating systems. Homeowners could save 40-75% of their annual heating bills if converting from oil heating to a heat pump.

A heat pump is two systems in one! A heat pump takes the place of both an air conditioner and a heating system, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • You can access up to $3,000 in rebates plus municipal top-ups and electrical service upgrade rebates when converting from fossil fuel (oil, gas, propane) heating system to an electric heat pump.
  • Upgrading from electric baseboards or furnace? No problem! You can still access up to $2,000 for installing a heat pump.

The Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate (GPR) is an optional extra rebate offer that rewards groups of homeowners working together to reduce household greenhouse gas emissions by switching from an oil or natural gas heating system to an air source heat pump. Participants are encouraged to spread the word about their heat pump purchase group, and the larger each group becomes, the larger the rebate. The group rebate ranges from $200 per home, for a group of 2 homes, and up to a maximum of $500 for a group of 20 to 30 homes. The group rebate is additional to the up to $3,000 available from CleanBC and any local government top-ups that may be available. To learn more about the Group Purchase Rebate Program, visit betterhomesbc.ca/rebates/gpr/

How Does It Work?

  • The program is only available for homes that have oil, natural gas, or propane as their primary heating system.
  • Participants need to install a CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Program Eligible Heat Pump.
  • Participants can either join a group by accessing a GPR code, or start their own group with a new GPR code, by registering at betterhomesbc.ca/rebates/gpr/
  • A group is assigned a single GPR Code that each member of the group uses when they submit their heat pump application.
  • Upon registration will receive a welcome message with a confirmation of their GPR code, easy to follow instructions about GPR eligibility and ideas and messages they can use to spread the word about their heat pump purchase group.
  • Participants can use their heat pump contractor of choice, but are recommended to use a Program Registered Heat Pump Contractor.
  • The GPR code is valid for 90 days after the code is issued – the code will include an expiry date for ease of understanding. If your code expires before you’re able to submit an application, you can join another group by registering with a different number or starting your own group.
  • Participants will only need to submit one program application. If they install a CleanBC eligible heat pump will receive two cheques, one for their CleanBC (and if applicable local government rebate top-up) and one for their GPR. The GPR rebate will come separately after the GPR code has expired and the rebate program has determined how many people participating in the group.

Here’s how LandlordBC members can take advantage of the Group Purchase Rebate:

  1. Register with the LandlordBC GPR Group Code at betterhomesbc.ca/gpr-register once you have installed your eligible heat pump. LandlordBC Members can find the LandlordBC GPR Code in the secure members only section of our website, www.landlordbc.ca.
  2. Apply to Clean BC Better Homes for all eligible rebates before the Code expires. Don’t forget to enter your GPR Group Code in the Promo Code field of the application form. If you have multiple Codes (i.e. GPR Code, and the Double the Rebate Promo Code), include both separated by a comma in this field.
  3. Spread the word about the GPR Group Code. The more homes that install a heat pump and apply using the same code, the higher the rebate!

For more information contact a community coach at [email protected] or visit www.betterhomesbc.ca/community-coach