FortisBC’s Rental Apartment Efficiency Program Saves Money

More than 80 per cent of rental apartment buildings in British Columbia are over 35 years old and most aren’t nearly as energy efficient as they should be. As a result, the Rental Apartment Efficiency Program (RAP) was introduced by FortisBC to help landlords and property managers save water, energy and money.

This means that under the RAP initiative, qualifying rental apartment buildings are eligible for numerous energy-efficient initiatives at no cost, including:

  •  Water-efficient showerheads and kitchen/bathroom faucet aerators installed in each unit;
  • A building energy assessment to identify energy-efficiency improvements and upgrades;
  • Ongoing professional assistance to guide participants through the process of making larger energy-efficient upgrades; and
  • For participants located in FortisBC’s electricity service area,* up to ten LED bulbs installed in each unit. (*Including Grand Forks, Penticton, Summerland, and Nelson Hydro.)

Buildings participating in the RAP initiative enjoy numerous cost-saving benefits and a reduction in operating expenses, including lower water, sewer and water heating costs. The increased building energy efficiency also extends the lifespan of light fixtures and can save landlords and property managers time when performing building maintenance. In return, their tenants benefit from improved comfort and increased satisfaction with their rental units.

A complimentary report and best-practices recommendations are provided to participants by a third-party consultant who also helps guide all future decisions related to investment in energy-efficient upgrades.

“Why wouldn’t a landlord want to participate? You improve tenant comfort, reduce energy and water costs and increase the value of your investment.” –Bill Henderson, partner with Carlisle Management Inc.

Since the introduction of RAP in 2016, 450 apartment buildings in British Columbia have participated in the program and received FREE in-suite upgrades, FREE energy assessments, and professional support when making energy-saving upgrades (such as replacing old boilers and water heaters with environmentally-friendly versions).

In follow-up surveys, 94 per cent of participants said they were satisfied with the program.

To be eligible for RAP, the building must:

  1. Be a purpose-built rental containing a minimum of nine units.
  2. Receive natural gas under a commercial rate class.
  3. Have central water heating.
  4. Not be slated for demolition.
  5. Not have water-efficient showerheads and aerators previously installed.

**You can find a complete list of requirements in the terms and conditions.

Learn more about the Rental Apartment Efficiency Program

LandlordBC, the professional association representing the rental housing industry in British Columbia, is pleased to collaborate with FortisBC on the Rental Apartment Efficiency Program (RAP).  We highly recommend that landlords and property managers take advantage of RAP to save water, energy and money