5 Reasons Every Landlord Should Enroll in Landlord Registry™

By Hollyburn Properties

At Hollyburn, our business is anchored in four core principles that guide every member of our team: professionalism, service, quality, and commitment.

In order to uphold these standards across our portfolio we feel a responsibility to self-govern; this not only helps us develop best practices, but more importantly, it ensures we’re providing the best service to the residents who rent from us.

The introduction of LandlordBC’s Landlord Registry™ in 2017, allowed us to raise the bar on quality assurance even higher. So far, over our 2-year enrollment in the program, we’ve learned how to better educate our teams, streamline our procedures, and provide reassurance to our residents.

Here are 5 reasons we think you should enroll in the LandlordBC Registry™:

  1. Build Trust

Aligning with programs like LandlordBC’s Landlord Registry™, as well as the Certified Rental Building Program (CRB), offers next level credibility and business integrity to your renters. Participating in programs like these is another way we communicate our commitment to providing safe, secure, and professional rental housing to our residents.

  1. Expert Knowledge

The Landlord Registry™ provides a user-friendly online experience that’s accessible to everyone. From the application process to ending a tenancy, the Registry™ covers it all; providing invaluable industry knowledge, whether you own 1 unit or a hundred units.

  1. Promote Sales

The Vancouver rental market is competitive and crowded; in our experience, enrolling in the Landlord Registry™ has proven to be an excellent differentiator and contributing factor for residents when choosing to make Hollyburn their home.

  1. Strengthen Values

Since enrolling, we’ve found that the Landlord Registry™ creates a sense of comradery among our teams. Providing our Resident Managers with the appropriate tools to understand the Residential Tenancy Act (RTA) and property management regulations undoubtedly increases morale and boosts confidence, allowing them to make informed decision quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

  1. Create a United Industry

If every landlord in BC was enrolled in the Landlord Registry™ it would establish consistency and unite us as an industry and oblige landlords to uphold standardized procedures. In turn, this would act as a safeguard for residents, allowing them to rent with confidence, security, and peace-of-mind.

Enrolling in the Landlord Registry™ has deepened our understanding of residential tenancy law, promoted sales, and strengthened Hollyburn’s values. We utilize the Registry™ as a means for standardizing our customer service experience and expanding industry knowledge, while the complex Certified Rental Building program ensures our buildings are well-maintained, safe, and up-to-code through regular audits and inspections. Combined, these programs create an all-encompassing governing system for Hollyburn residents.


What’s the difference between the Landlord Registry™ and the Certified Rental Building Program?

LandlordBC is the creator of two quality assurance programs that provide renters with increased confidence when securing rental home – The Landlord Registry™ and the Certified Rental Building Program (CRB). The Landlord Registry™ is an award-winning, multilingual e-learning program that provides individual landlords with fundamental knowledge necessary to succeed when operating a rental housing business. It was designed for secondary market landlords with a one to a handful of suites, and who we know will benefit the most from this robust online educational tool.

The CRB Program is North America’s first and only quality assurance program for multi-unit residential apartment buildings. It was designed to give landlords with multi-unit buildings an opportunity to set themselves apart from the crowd. The program consists of 52 robust Standards of Practice that are based on legislative requirements and industry best practices.