Did you know? – Ending a Tenancy

The Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB) provides four ways for a landlord to end a tenancy and address the needs of a landlord to take back possession of their rental unit. There are three notice to end tenancy forms that are each used for specific situations and in extreme situations there is an application for an early order of possession.

The three notices are the 10 day notice, one month notice and the two month notice. The 10 day notice addresses unpaid rent and utilities while the one month notice addresses issues that arise in a tenancies such as breaches of material terms or extraordinary damage to the rental unit. The two month notice to end tenancy is used when the owner needs to take back the rental unit for personal use or significant repairs that require the unit to be vacant. The fourth option is to apply for an early order of possession through the RTB’s Dispute resolution process, this is only to be used in emergency situations.

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