Know Where Your COVID-19 Rental Housing Information Is Coming From

In this time of crisis, we want to ensure that social media users are not confused by the source of any content related to COVID-19 and residential tenancies.  If you see content posted on any social media platform that explicitly indicates the source as LandlordBC™, you can be confident of its accuracy and veracity. We have a long history of working closely and collaboratively with all levels of government on all matters related to residential tenancies and the professional management of our sector.  We have been especially proactive in our consultation and advocacy during this unprecedented crisis with the B.C. government.  Know that our consultation and advocacy continues and goes beyond the provincial government.

LandlordBC™ is a member-driven non-profit industry association registered under the Societies Act of British Columbia (the Act).  We have a duly elected Board of Directors and are explicitly governed by all the rules and regulations of the Act.  In this regard, we have a constitution and bylaws that dictate the ethical operation of our association and includes a code of conduct for our members as owners and operators of rental housing in BC.

If you see information that is NOT explicitly LandlordBC™ branded, but is perhaps closely branded to our name, please know that our organization, our staff, and our Directors have absolutely no affiliation or association with the content or the organizations involved.  We are a progressive organization founded on sound principles and focused on ensuring successful landlord/tenant relationships.  We work hard to support our members, and with that comes a strong commitment to working respectfully and professionally with all levels of government and like-minded stakeholders to deliver safe, secure, sustainable long-term rental housing to BC families.

If you wish to learn more about LandlordBC™ please contact us at [email protected]