Happy 1st Anniversary to The Landlord Registry™!

Launching a new initiative is never an easy task.  It requires vision, purpose and a knowledgeable and dedicated team to execute the plan.  This is precisely how the Landlord Registry™ came into fruition in January 2017, and today we are proud to celebrate the first anniversary of this exciting and innovative program.  The Landlord Registry™ is the first program of its kind in Canada and has a great potential of being replicated in other geographic regions across Canada.

As an organization, LandlordBC’s mission is to balance the landlord’s rights to operate market rental housing with the tenants’ rights to access safe, stable housing.  As one unified, respected voice for the rental housing industry, LandlordBC fosters public understanding of the industry, and promotes the professional operation of the rental housing industry through education and support. The Landlord Registry™ is a key tool for the delivery of education and support to landlords throughout British Columbia.

The Landlord Registry™ consists of an e-learning platform that combines education and certification in one simple platform that operates with busy landlords in mind. Individuals can become familiar with the essential aspects of the Residential Tenancy Act in under two-hours. It’s the easiest and fastest method of gaining this comprehensive knowledge without having to read the full Residential Tenancy Act document. The course also emphasizes flexibility – a landlord can work at his own pace and follow his own schedule since the course can be completed in numerous sittings.

While enrollment in the Landlord Registry™ is voluntary, we are pleased to see such diverse participation from our industry; small landlords in the secondary market, licensed third-party property managers and, large landlords are all represented in the enrollees to-date.  Increasingly, property management companies and landlords with multiple staff view the Landlord Registry™ as an excellent training tool for new staff and, a great way to refresh and/or enhance the knowledge base of current staff.  The Landlord Registry™ is also a valuable and easy accessible resource tool for day-to-day tenant management.

Renters are impressed too knowing that they now have a due diligence tool that was previously unavailable to them, so that they can select their next home confident that their prospective landlord has enhanced knowledge and credibility.  We encourage all renters to ask their current or prospective landlord one simple question: Are you registered?

Hitting the one-year mark is an exciting milestone, it does not mean that we are resting on our laurels.  We are in the process of scoping out translation of the e-learning platform to have a tri-lingual capability (English, Punjabi and Mandarin) and, considering additional educational modules to supplement the current Residential Tenancy Act focused offering.

So, the birthday cake has arrived, and the single candle is lit.  We look forward to more landlords and property managers enrolling in the Landlord Registry™ in 2018.  This is your opportunity to distinguish yourself within the rental housing industry.  Welcome aboard!

To enroll go to www.landlordregistry.ca