LandlordBC Community Outreach Fund Raising Campaign….We Need Your Support!

Evictions hurt everyone.  The Vancouver Rent Bank can help.

Community outreach is an important part of our mission and culture at LandlordBC.  We are especially committed to supporting organizations in our community focused on giving a “hand up” to those in need.  For this reason we are especially honoured and proud to be launching our first-ever rental housing industry fund raising campaign for the Vancouver Rent Bank.

The Vancouver Rent Bank (VRB) is an organization that exemplifies the notion of  a “hand up” by offering  short term loans to families and individuals at risk of eviction due to a temporary shortage of funds.  The applicants must satisfy an extensive list of criteria to be eligible to apply, and the funds are advanced as repayable loans through a very robust approval process.

The campaign slogan for the fund raising campaign is “Evictions hurt everyone.  The Vancouver Rent Bank can help.”   This message is clearly more personal for renters.  No one deserves to lose their home just because they might find themselves unexpectedly  experiencing a temporary shortage of funds.  Knowing that the Vancouver Rent Bank can help will do much to put renter’s minds at ease.  As landlords we provide secure, long term rental housing.  Knowing that our valued tenants have this important financial resource at their disposal is not only good for the tenant, but it’s also good for us as landlords.

This is why LandlordBC is asking you to give generously to support the Vancouver Rent Bank during this fund raising campaign running through June 30, 2017.  Your tax deductible donation will be used to support the efforts of the Vancouver Rent Bank team to deliver their services and expand their reach.

Visit the Vancouver Rent Bank website to learn more and to make your online donation through their secure payment gateway.