LandlordBC Speaks in Support of Human Rights

For Release: December 20, 2013

VANCOUVER, BC – LandlordBC is dismayed to hear about the actions of a landlord who has allegedly committed a human rights violation in Vancouver, by preventing a tenant from taking residency due to their sexual orientation.

This owner is not a member of LandlordBC, therefore we cannot take any disciplinary action against them. However, we urge them to take immediate steps to rectify the situation.

If this owner had been a member, their membership would have been immediately suspended, pending Board approval in favour of termination. LandlordBC does not tolerate any owners or managers who violate municipal, provincial or federal laws, or our own Code of Ethics, without attempts to immediately rectify errors.

Property owners and managers are not required to be members of a professional industry association such as LandlordBC. The 3,500 members of LandlordBC apply for membership voluntarily and pay an annual fee. In return, the association provides education and resources to members to ensure they understand their rights and responsibilities to tenants under various rules and regulations.

Check with LandlordBC to determine if your prospective landlord or property manager is a member BEFORE signing your application for tenancy. Tenants can reach us at 1-877-700-9440 in the Greater Vancouver area, or 1-888-330-6707 on the island and the rest of the province.

LandlordBC is a province-wide industry association with 3,500 landlords, property managers, and associate members.