New Fire Safety Act aims to modernize fire safety regulations in B.C.

New legislation was tabled today to modernize the regulatory framework for fire safety in British Columbia.

The Fire Safety Act will replace the Fire Services Act, legislation that has not had substantial updates since 1979.

The new act will:

  • improve fire code compliance monitoring by making it risk-based;
  • enable local authorities to appoint fire safety personnel to carry out fire inspections, investigations and evacuations;
  • establish an administrative enforcement model to address non-compliance issues in a more timely and effective manner; and,
  • shift to a risk-based approach for compliance monitoring in municipalities.

The Fire Safety Act takes into account a full range of feedback received through an extensive consultation process, including ideas generated in previous efforts to update the legislation. The most recent consultation group included representation from the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, Local Government Management Association, the Fire Chiefs’ Association, Fire Training Officers Association, Fire Prevention Officers Association of BC, Volunteer Fire Fighters’ Association of BC, BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Association, and Wildfire Management Branch.

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