Rental Housing Task Force Recommendations

Good for Renters and Rental Housing Providers Alike

LandlordBC wishes to acknowledge the Rental Housing Task Force for undertaking a comprehensive review of the Residential Tenancy Act and putting forth a series of recommendations that strengthen consumer protections while ensuring rental housing providers will have the necessary confidence to continue to improve the homes that they provide British Columbians, and to build badly needed new rental housing for communities across the Province. The Rental Housing Task Force recommendations are good for both renters and rental housing providers alike.

A healthy and robust rental housing market contributes to overall community health and well-being and is an important contributor to dynamic local economies. LandlordBC and our 3300 members are committed to the provision of safe, secure, sustainable rental housing.  However, to do so, it is essential   that our members have a regulatory environment that recognizes the significant costs and risks associated with the provision of rental housing.  We must have a legislative framework that provides clear and balanced guidance, sensitive to today’s challenges, but firmly focused on facilitating a future where we are rid of persistently low vacancy rates and renters have a broad range of housing options as they rightly deserve.

LandlordBC appreciates and supports the high priority the Province has placed on rental housing.  The Rental Housing Task Force has built on the changes the Province has already made to the Residential Tenancy Act and these recommendations will represent refinements that will further modernize the Act.  Strengthening enforcement of the law, improving fairness and consistency of the Residential Tenancy Branch, strengthening penalties for breaking the law, working with local governments to better protect long-term rental stock, and maintaining current legislation whereby rent is tied to the renter not the unit (ie: no vacancy control), are examples of some of the important recommendations advanced by the Rental Housing Task Force. The Rental Housing Task Force recommendations are good for renters and rental housing providers alike.