Safety Tips for Rental Apartment Living

By: Orr Development

Safety and security are both exceedingly relevant topics for renters today.  At Orr Development we pride ourselves on thoughtful customer service and implementing swift changes to any security issues brought to our attention at our properties.  Though the following ideas seem self evident a quick review of some general safety tips for renters can help to make your building a happy and healthy place to live.

Entry and exit doors are designed to be fully closed & latched when not in use, make sure NOT to prop them open.  Whether you enter your building through an exterior door or the parking gate it is very important to ensure you do not let anyone in that you do NOT recognize.  When in your vehicle, wait for parkade gates to FULLY CLOSE behind you before advancing.  If you are buzzed from the Enter-phone and you do not recognize the person or were not expecting a delivery do NOT buzz them in.  People may pose as delivery persons to gain access to the lobby and attempt to steal packages.  If you notice a door latch taped open remove the tape or contact your building management.  This is a common tactic to gain access to buildings after hours as the door will not close securely.

In some situations, vandals may loiter in underground commercial parking areas or in building stairwells for extended periods.  After some time has passed, they may try and break-in to vehicles and lockers.  If you notice people acting suspicious notify your manager right away.  When visiting your storage locker take a picture of your items or make a quick inventory list of the contents for your records.  Always use TWO locks where possible for your storage locker and/or bike.

If you are planning on going on vacation use light timers and program them to come on for a few hours each evening.  Remember to NOT share your holiday plans on social media.  Keep your personal WIFI safe by using a strong password.  Ensure entry doors, balcony doors and windows are fully closed and locked while away.

Often the best way to discourage bad behaviour is to remedy it right away.  Notify building management if you see items that appear out of place at your building or you think may be stolen (bike parts, discarded personal items/bags, accumulation of garbage etc.).  If your building is tagged with graffiti contact your management company so it can be painted over in a timely fashion, this will help to discourage future vandalism.  Always be aware of your surroundings and if you believe there is a security issue with your building contact your manager, they are there to help!

Happy Renting from Orr Development!


This guest blog was written by Orr Development. Orr Development is a 4th generation family-owned real estate company based in Vancouver, BC. They specialize in developing and managing purpose-built rental and commercial projects. To learn more, visit