The Certified Rental Building Program – Why it is the Right Choice for Your Business

The Certified Rental Building (CRB) Program is a quality assurance program designated for landlords like you who take pride in their business and provide safe, secure purpose-built rental accommodations.

The CRB Program launched in British Columbia on November 26th, 2015 with the enrollment and certification of Concert Realty Services Ltd. and Hollyburn Properties with a combined total of 49 buildings and just under 5,000 units. Currently there are 125 buildings and over 8,000 units certified as CRB, and with more continuing to enroll, CRB buildings can be found across our province.

The CRB Program exists to give landlords an opportunity to set themselves apart from the crowd by adhering to 52 specific standards that are based on legislative requirements and industry best practices. Once the initial in-person training is completed, the building and staff are audited by a third party every five years. After all inspections have been passed and certification has been granted, the landlord has demonstrated that they are serious about setting a higher industry standard that is self-regulatory and focused on accountability.

The impact of the CRB Program in Ontario has been enormously positive. Follow up inquiries show that tenants are proud to live in a building that is a CRB. When looking for a place to live, tenants look for the green check mark logo that confirms that a building is a CRB building; giving them greater confidence in their choice of rental accommodation. Tenants residing in CRB buildings are statistically more likely to recommend their CRB building to their friends and family. Managers and employees of CRBs feel more confident and competent when engaging with tenants and executing their responsibilities because they have the tools needed to navigate the Residential Tenancy Act (RTA) as well as the numerous other aspects of running an efficient building. This in turn leads to a more positive rental experience for tenants, thereby reducing the possibility of conflict and of other potential issues that can arise.

A primary concern for landlords in British Columbia is the wait times for scheduling Dispute Resolution hearings with the Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB). In cases regarding a Monetary Order, wait times can exceed 4-6 months depending on how busy the RTB is. While the CRB program does not allow landlords to circumvent the RTB, the Program’s customer service training focuses on quality-assurance and can greatly reduce conflicts and may subsequently lessen the need for RTB intervention.

Providing proper training to your employees on how to build respectful, healthy relationships with your tenants is vital to a successful rental housing business. Tenants are your customers, the voice on which your reputation can stand. LandlordBC knows that the majority landlords operating in BC strive to conduct their business in a fair and respectful manner within the rules and regulations of the Residential Tenancy Act. The adoption of the CRB Program adds a layer of accountability to the industry standards of professionalism. The Program is a statement and steady proof that you are taking steps towards a healthy, self-governed housing industry that BC needs.


The Certified Rental Building Program is exclusively available for members of LandlordBC as it supports our code of ethics and is in line with our association’s mandate – providing education and support to rental housing providers. If you have any questions about enrollment in the CRB Program, please contact Taylor Hansen, Member Service Representative at [email protected].