The I Rent It Right™ Online Course Celebrates Six Years

In January 2017, LandlordBC introduced the I Rent It Right™ comprehensive online course, specifically tailored for the rental housing sector in British Columbia. Our goal was to meet the needs of landlords, both big and small, and provide them with the fundamental knowledge to operate their rental housing business.

Education is crucial for the success of any rental housing business and this course teaches landlords, property managers and resident caretakers about their rights and responsibilities as well as those of their tenants, as outlined by the various pieces of legislation and statutes that govern this industry.

The complimentary program, which can be completed in under two hours and is designed to be flexible to fit busy schedules, has since been completed by thousands of rental housing providers in BC. The course is divided into seven modules that cover topics such as selecting the right tenant, starting and ending a tenancy, and the basics of the Residential Tenancy Act. It is also regularly updated to reflect changes in law, primarily the Residential Tenancy Act, Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and the Human Right Code.

Upon successful completion, enrollees receive an I Rent It Right™ certificate and digital sticker, demonstrating their commitment to providing secure, professional rental housing. The certificate and sticker allow landlords to proudly let their renters know that they are a knowledgeable landlord, committed to providing professional rental housing.

Are you interested in joining the ranks of thousands of successful housing providers who have completed the I Rent It Right™ course? Enroll for free today to proudly say “I Rent It Right™!”