The tenant who will not leave

Angela Cunningham claims she’s getting the runaround from B.C.’s Residential Tenancy Branch, and wonders if legislation is biased toward the renter
By Cassidy Olivier, The Province

Prince George resident Angela Cunningham thought she had found the perfect tenant in James Wilson.

Employed, well-spoken and clean-cut, the 32-year-old Wilson, a framer by trade, struck Cunningham and her husband, Kelly, as an honest, personable guy who would pay his rent on time and treat the house on Trout Road as his own.

For the first few months, he did just that, even earning himself a seat at the Cunninghams’ dinner table last Easter where he was served, along with the other 20 or 30 assembled guests, a plate of turkey with all the fixings.

But it was soon after that meal that the Cunninghams’ relationship with Wilson started to deteriorate. Missed rental payments quickly escalated to an eviction notice being served and, later, the discovery of a marijuana grow operation on their rental property.

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