Water Conservation – Let’s Do Our Part Rental Housing Providers!

British Columbia has been experiencing drier than normal weather throughout much of spring and into the summer. While the recent rains have provided relief for some regions in B.C., it has not been enough to overcome the limited rain and precipitation from previous months. We are being urged to conserve water as current forecasts suggest much of the province will experience drought conditions through the summer months.

British Columbia ranks drought levels from 0 to 5, with Drought Level 5 rated as the most severe. Areas currently under Drought Level 4 include: the East Peace, Fort Nelson, and Finlay areas. Most other watershed basins in B.C. are in Drought Levels 2 or 3.

  • At Drought Level 4, conditions are extremely dry and adverse impacts to socio-economic or ecosystem values are likely.
    • Voluntary measures and increasing use of watering restrictions will continue and may be augmented by regulatory action by the provincial government where necessary to reduce water user conflicts or protect the environment.
  • At Drought Level 3, conditions are becoming severely dry. Potentially serious ecosystem or socio-economic impacts are possible in some circumstances.
    • All unauthorized use should be curtailed. Water suppliers are much more likely to impose watering restrictions, and data collection for regulatory action by the provincial government may start to occur.

Everyone is responsible to do their part to conserve water and reduce the risk of negatively affecting the environment and other water users. LandlordBC is asking our members and all rental housing providers across BC to do their part to help conserve this critically important resource and educate their residents about what they too can do.  Below you will find some water conservation tips that you can easily incorporate into the operation of your rental properties, and some links to more information on water conservation, and drought. We’ve also created a poster that you can share with your tenants by placing copies in all common areas throughout your buildings (mail room, lobby, laundry room, amenity rooms, waste storage area, etc.)

General water conservation tips for your building:

  • limit outdoor watering, including lawns;
  • do not water during the heat of the day or when it is windy;
  • consider planting drought-tolerant vegetation;
  • find ways to reduce personal water use, such as taking shorter showers and only doing full loads of dishes and laundry;
  • do not leave taps running.

Water conservation information:

Drought information: