LandlordBC and Generation Squeeze partner in support of the #CodeRed YIMBY (Yes In My Back Yard) affordable housing movement

Yes In My Back Yard!

Generation Squeeze is a voice for younger Canadians in politics and the market, supported by cutting-edge research. Their work includes a primary focus on housing affordability.

Generation Squeeze is growing a #CodeRed YIMBY (Yes In My Back Yard) movement in support of building suitable housing supply that is in reach for what younger generations earn, along with a movement to restrict harmful demand that results in empty homes, or priority given to short-term rentals.

As part of this work, Generation Squeeze convenes a #CodeRed team of volunteers who are training to become housing ambassadors in their communities and neighbourhoods in support of the above goals.

LandlordBC is the advocate for long-term rental housing providers in BC and has supported the #CodeRed movement since its inception. Generation Squeeze and LandlordBC have agreed to partner to grow competency and confidence among the #CodeRed volunteers to advocate for purpose-built rental projects that are in the interests of younger generations, and to promote policy reform that delivers secure long-term rental housing for locals who work or study in the region.

“We are pleased to continue our association with Generation Squeeze and cannot think of a better way to support the #CodeRed movement than by training volunteers to become knowledgeable and effective ambassadors in the promotion of the “right housing supply” in their communities and neighbourhoods”, said David Hutniak, CEO of LandlordBC.

“Since home ownership is growing more challenging for many younger Canadians in urban centres, Generation Squeeze encourages the expansion of purpose-built rental units to improve vacancy rates and slow down the escalation of rents.  We are proud to be partnering with LandlordBC to advocate for purpose-built rental projects that are in the interests of younger generations, and to promote policy reform that privileges rental homes for locals who work or study in Metro Vancouver, rather than places to park money or cater to vacationers,” explains Dr. Paul Kershaw, Founder of Generation Squeeze.

The #CodeRed ambassador education programming builds on Generation Squeeze’s strong record of engaging citizens to shape housing policy, including a hugely successful event about the Housing Vancouver Strategy hosted November 23rd wherein 65 participants attended, and hundreds provided input to City Council.  Similar sessions are planned throughout 2018. LandlordBC is pleased to help Generation Squeeze incubate many more housing ambassadors to advocate for badly needed new purpose-built rental housing.

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Paul Kershaw, Founder, Generation Squeeze [email protected] 604-761-4583.

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