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LandlordBC has been working tirelessly to deliver information to owners and managers of rental housing to support and guide you and your business through the COVID-19 crisis. Whether it be to inform you on ways to adapt your business practices to encourage social distancing; advise you how to communicate with your tenants to ensure that they are kept safe and healthy through this time; and provide you on new government policies and procedures as they are released, we continue to advocate with government on your behalf. LandlordBC’s focus is and has always been supporting rental housing providers in providing safe, secure, long term rental housing.

LandlordBC is a membership driven not-for-profit industry association. Annual membership dues are our main source of revenue, and now, more than ever, we are calling on the rental housing industry for support. Today, with even greater reason, it is our job to ensure the government is informed of issues and concerns in our sector. We are government advocates and we serve as the voice of the residential rental housing industry in BC. Everyone with a vested interest in the residential rental housing industry benefits from the advocacy work that we do.

Your joining our association ensures that LandlordBC can continue our commitment to advocate on behalf the owners and managers of rental housing. Your commitment to membership will help us:

  • Advocate on your behalf to all levels of government. We have been very clear that the impact of this crisis cannot be placed on the backs of the rental housing sector, which is disproportionately represented by small mom and pop landlords with one or two rental units. We strongly advocated for renter support in the form of a “Rent Bank” that would be funded by the Provincial Government and not by our sector. We continue to liaise with government as more information regarding policy and procedural changes is released and are working tirelessly to ensure that our members are kept up to speed on the impact these changes will have on their rental business and what you need to do to mitigate your risk at this uncertain time.
  • Communicate daily via multiple channels, including our member exclusive e-newsletter, website, blog, the new COVID-19 portal on our website, and social media. Through your support, we can share all sector-specific news as it develops. Our website is truly the one stop resource for owners and managers of rental housing.
  • Develop resources specific to the ongoing crisis facing our sector, provide guidance and keep you informed on the best practices during these unprecedented times

LandlordBC is working diligently and has developed additional resources to help you communicate with your tenants, this includes a package with necessary forms and agreements to help you and your tenants navigate through this crisis together. We will continue to provide you with information and direction on how to implement changes as they become available.

We are calling on you to add your voice to our efforts and enroll as a member with LandlordBC today! Help us continue to do what we do – support you and the broader rental industry!

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