Webinar: Climate Change Policy, Regulations, and MURB Retrofits

The BC Building Electrification Road Map envisions that by 2030, most replacement domestic hot water and space heating systems will be high-efficiency electric. LandlordBC, in partnership with FRESCo, is taking a leadership role in supporting the industry in understanding the opportunities and challenges this presents to help landlords make informed decisions.

MURB Retrofits Summary Guide

What is Building Electrification? Building electrification refers to the replacement of fossil fuel-based building systems with low carbon electric-powered systems. This guide focuses on opportunities for electrifying heating, hot water, and ventilation systems as part of retrofits in BC Apartments building.

Full Report: Electrification of Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

As nations around the world look for ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), there is a global trend towards decarbonization by phasing out technologies and energy sources that have high emissions and replacing them with low-carbon and zero-carbon alternatives. Electrification of building systems is a key strategy on the path to decarbonization. This project is focused on the electrification of Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs) in BC, with a focus on rental housing.

The goals of this project are:

  1. 1. To develop an understanding of:
    1. a. The current technologies available.
    2. b. Technical and financial considerations for electrification retrofit strategies.
    3. c. Current knowledge, capacity and barriers that the rental housing market faces for electrification retrofits.
  2. 2. To educate the rental housing industry regarding electrification retrofit opportunities and challenges in MURBs.